Financial Hardship Scholarship Application

FDRS does not want financial hardship to keep anyone from attending our annual conference.  As such, we are pleased to announce a limited number of financial hardship scholarships to offset registration fees for the 2019 FDRS conference in Baltimore, MD.  The scholarships will be awarded based on financial need.  The number of scholarships available is contingent on the amount of money raised for scholarship purposes. 

The $175 early bird registration fee simply covers the costs of a three day (Friday evening, all day Saturday, and half day Sunday) conference.  The registration fee covers a light reception on Friday, breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday and lunch on Saturday.  We worked diligently to find a hotel with a reasonable rate ($139/night) and with affordable transportation costs to the hotel.   The $175 is less than most doctors’ office visits and you will get to hear from many doctors, therapists and other experts on lipedema and Dercum’s Disease as well as network with other patients who share similar life experiences.    

Full scholarships

Attendees who earn 100% and under the federal poverty level (FPL) are eligible to apply for a full scholarship. 

Partial scholarships

Attendees who earn between 101%-200% of FPL are eligible to apply for a partial scholarship. 

Selection of scholarship winners

The number of scholarships available is contingent on the amount of money raised for scholarship purposes.  Applicants with the most demonstrated financial need will receive priority for the available scholarship(s). 

Payment plans

Payment plans are offered to those attendees who cannot pay for the full registration at one time.  A sample payment plan:  December 1 - $50, January 1 - $50, February 1 - $50, March 1 - $25.  Please contact us if you wish to utilize this option.  

Crowd Sourcing

A popular way to raise funds to attend the conference is asking your friends and family to donate through sources such as GoFundMe

Hotel and Travel Costs

The scholarships do not cover hotel and travel costs.  We suggest posting on FDRS 2019 Conference Facebook page to find a roommate to share a hotel room to help defray costs.  Southwest Airlines services Baltimore–Washington International Airport (BWI) and has a generous person of size travel policy:   

Please do not apply for a scholarship if you are unable to secure hotel and travel to the conference. Unfortunately, every year scholarships are awarded but go unused. Priority will be given to local applicants.


The applications and information contained herein will be treated with absolute confidentiality. Only FDRS board members and appointed volunteers will have access to the applicants and will not disclose any information received through the scholarship process.  We will not publish names publicly of scholarship winners. 


All applications must be received by December 31, 2018 in order to be considered for the early bird scholarships.  Scholarship winners will be notified on or around January 15, 2019. Applications received after that date will be placed on a waiting list and will be awarded based on availability of scholarships.


In order to provide scholarships to those most in need, we ask that applicants’ income be within the federal poverty level guidelines as outlined below: 


Partial Scholarship

Persons in family - Maximum Annual Income

1 - $18,090 - $24,120

2 - $24,360 -$32,480

3 - $30,630 - $40,840

4 - $36,900 - $49,200

5 - $43,170 - $57,560

6 - $49,440 - $65,920

7 - $55,710 - $74,280

8 - $61,980 - $82,640

Full Scholarship

Persons in family - Maximum Annual Income

1 - $12,060

2 - $16,240

3 - $20,420

4 - $24,600

5 - $28,780

6 - $32,960

7 - $37,140

8 - $41,320

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