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Next Steps in the Treatment of Lipedema & Dercum's Disease is April 27-29, 2018 at the DoubleTree Dallas Campbell Centre in Dallas, Texas. Keynote speaker is world renowned Fat Disorder expert, Karen L. Herbst, MD, PhD. Topics to include surgical and non-surgical treatment options in managing both Lipedema and Dercum's Disease.  

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Lipedema, also known as “painful fat syndrome,” is a chronic disease occurring primarily in women, characterized by bilateral, symmetrical fatty tissue excess in the hips and upper and lower legs, combined with a tendency for leg swelling that worsens with standing.

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Dercum's Disease

Dercum's disease is a rare disorder characterized by multiple, painful growths consisting of fatty tissue (lipomas). Pain may be caused by the lipomas pressing on nearby nerves. Dercum's disease mainly occurs in adults and more women are affected than men.

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Watch free videos regarding diagnosis, treatment, and living with an adipose tissue disorder.  

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FDRS 2018

Patients, physicians, researchers, and therapists converge for education and fellowship.  

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Fighting Fat Disorders

FDRS is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all people affected by adipose tissue disorders through research, education, advocacy and collaboration. 



Dedicated to change.

For more information on lipedema epidemiology, health burden, diagnosis, treatments, and research opportunities